What to look for in an Impactful Classroom


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This is an in-person workshop.

Date: October 15th

Time: 10am – 3pm

Location: University Settlement at Houston Street Center, 273 Bowery Street, Manhattan

Lunch is provided.

Traditional Classroom Constructivist Classroom
Teacher directed (didactic dissemination of information) Learner-centered. Teacher as facilitator – students construct knowledge through critical thinking, manipulatives, primary resources, and hands-on activities.
Student works independently. Student works collaboratively in groups, independently or in partners.
Small parts first. Big idea at the end. Big idea first. All parts support big idea.
Correct answers are the goal. Thinking and support of thinking are the goals.
Assessments are tests; separate from learning task. Assessments are observation, conferences, daily work, portfolios and included in learning tasks.
Worksheets, workbooks, basal readers. Books, journals, real-world situations, workshop approach.
Teacher evaluator. Self-reflection, student evaluator and teacher evaluator.
Product based learning: All students will learn on demand the same thing at the same time aka. One-size-fits-all approach. Process based learning: Learners create meaning and context by exploring new ideas and experiences, generating hypotheses,  problem solving.
Teacher talks to (at) students; students expected to listen and absorb knowledge. Teacher-student dialogue through conferring, questioning, and wondering.
Teacher makes all the decisions. Shared responsibility and decision making.
Students answer questions.  Empowered teacher. Students ask questions. Empowered learner.
Individual learners. Community of learners.

Our Instructor is Shaz Lawrence who has been a presenter and educational consultant to schools both locally and internationally for 9 years. 

If you have always wanted to know more about Project-based learning or you want to learn how to motivate your students with different strategies, this is the workshop for you.

All participants will receive sample units of inquiry ready to use in the K-12  classroom.


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