Disruptive Innovator and Entrepreneur

Shaz is committed to driving innovation in all classrooms, particularly in the Chinese language classroom.

Her focus is on empowering teachers to disrupt accepted practices with bottom-up innovation in schools. Teachers who see that things can be different in the classroom to meet the needs of their students is where real transformative innovation occurs.

Increasingly it is recognized that there is a need to innovate to enable greater creativity, flexibility, learner input and so forth, and to deliver a more personalized educational system and foster new skills amongst learners.

Shaz provides workshops that get teachers started on the journey of making real change in the language classroom through inquiry and PBL.

Shaz Lawrence is an experienced teacher trainer and consultant. She has a Bachelor of Education, (University of Adelaide, Australia) Masters in Linguistics (University of Adelaide, Australia) and Montessori Certificate (Australian Center of Montessori Studies).

She currently provides training and consultancy to schools in the US, UK, China, Ireland, Australia and Hong Kong. She is also Founder /Lead Instructor of Mandarin Superstars which offers children 2-8 Mandarin in Queens, New York and Corporate Chinese.

Creative Chinese, founded in 2009 is the leading provider of creative resources for teachers of Chinese.

Shaz’s work includes:

  • PBL Teacher training courses internationally K-12
  • Inquiry Learning workshops for teachers K-12
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Customized programs for schools and educators
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Review and Assessment plus Needs Analysis
  • Resource management and development
  • Educational management
  • Mentoring of new teachers
  • Modeling Best Practices in the classroom


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